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Welcome to the Flagship Studio

for Da Vinci BodyBoard

 The Santa Fe studio is the flagship studio for the international company, Da Vinci BodyBoard. A visit to the Santa Fe studio means you will have the opportunity to meet and take a class with the founder, Floery Mahoney. 

Not only are daily BodyBoard classes running at the flagship studio, but international trainings, retreats, pilates classes, facials, nutritional consults, and therapeutic massages also take place at our beautiful studio in Santa Fe.  


Da Vinci BodyBoard is an original approach to fitness. While simple in its set-up and design, the BodyBoard system offers a fun, affordable, and adjustable workout for a wide range of abilities. The structure and varied framework of exercise options sets people up for success and long-term commitment.

In just four years, Da Vinci BodyBoard has launched multiple licensed studios across the U.S., and become internationally recognized with locations in spas, clubs, and studios in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Miami and London. Our award-winning trainers work with celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Sally Field, and Dr. Oz.

The BodyBoard Program

  • 30 minutes of resistance band training that incorporates calisthenic movements with music

  • (HIIT) high intensity interval training concept

  • Combination of strength training, cardio, and stretching

  • Great for all fitness levels, work within your range

  • Perfect to increase functional daily or sports activity/movement

  • Increase muscle tone, strength, and size

  • Reaches the smaller muscles and ligaments creating full body integrity and balance