How do I sign up for my first class? Is it really free?

Yes, your first class is free if you live in Santa Fe! We do ask you sign up and reserve your BodyBoard ahead of time because our classes are full, and we want to make sure you get into the class you want. Go to our schedule page and click on the day/time that you would like to come to class. This will lead you to our booking site, Mindbody, where you can make a quick profile for yourself (just name, email, and phone number), and purchase our “first class free” for $0. Now that the pass is added to your account profile, you can finish signing up for any class. If you have any trouble with this, you can always call the studio and we can sign you in for your first class.

     What do I need to bring/wear for my first class?

Just You! We provide all the equipment you need – including complimentary towels and water. Wear clothing you are comfortable moving around in. Many people workout in bare feet, but if you want to wear indoor sneakers that is great too. For sensitive feet, ankles, or knees sneakers can provide extra cushioning for any of our more cardio intensive exercises. Please try to come about 10 minutes early so we can show you the equipment and have you sign our liability waiver.

     What’s the best class to start with?

Typically, we suggest starting with our class called Da Vinci Balance & Sculpt. This class moves a little more slowly than our other classes, allowing you to get a good handle on the equipment and our whole system. However, if you aren’t able to make one of the Balance & Sculpt class times fit into your schedule, come to one of our Da Vinci Body classes. Just make sure to tell your instructor it is your first time and if you have any injuries they should know about.

  I have injuries, can I still come to class? Which class?

Yes, as long as you have been cleared by your doctor to exercise. We have clients with a wide range of injuries who come to our studio and are very successful. That is the beauty of our system – it is supportive (all resistance band based), low impact (resistance bands are not static), and extremely adjustable (easily remove and add tension throughout the whole workout).

Our Da Vinci Balance & Sculpt class moves the most slowly and is the least cardio intensive. We suggest coming to this class if you have injuries you’re concerned about before working into a harder class. Many of our clients who have started in this class have made serious progress after only a short period of time, and have moved into harder classes.  

   I haven’t worked out or been active for years, is this the right thing for me?

Yes, this is the best system to get your body back into shape!  It is supportive from the beginning and allows you to build up strength in the right way. Resistance bands help connect your smaller muscles and connective tissue, which support building muscle and endurance quickly - but without injury. But the brilliant part of this system is that once you build up strength, it doesn’t get easier – you actually learn how to work harder within each exercise and push yourself more. The system is sustainable for growth over years and years!

      Why are the classes only 30 minutes?

This is one of our favorite questions to answer! The body instinctively interprets long, grueling workouts as a reason to go into stress mode. This causes the body to try to hold onto fat, and therefore it takes much longer to recover, while also inhibiting stamina. At the 30-minute mark, your body’s testosterone levels drop off, but your cortisol levels, the stress hormone, continue rising. It is now proven that shorter workouts are much better for the body, but they have to be done in the right way - utilizing your entire body for the majority of each exercise.

Proper exercise should change up the cardio and muscle training elements so that your workout resembles a more naturally occurring event. A thousand years ago, this varied workout would have been something like scrambling to catch a rabbit.

In every single 30-minute class, we do exactly this - change it up between cardio exercises and muscle training, all while using your whole body during each exercise. Even if a move is more ‘upper body’ focused, the way the system is designed forces you to engage your whole body (including the core).

The half hour time frame is also extremely lifestyle friendly! Easily fit it into your morning or lunch break. You are also more likely to come consistently throughout the week, setting yourself up for long term success and commitment!

     Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes, we do! We offer a one-time introductory offer of three classes for $20. This allows you to get a good sense of the BodyBoard system without spending a lot.

Our other discounts are for 15% off for any active/past military, persons over 60, and current students/teachers. Discounts only available for five, ten class passes and monthly memberships. Not available for drop-ins or first time only offers.