The Nourished Body is dedicated to cultivating true well-being. Holistically integrating one’s unique biochemical individuality with mind, body, soul and lifestyle. Focusing on transformative health through the use of personalized nutrition and lifestyle alterations. Offering nutritional consulting, herbal remedies, guided cleanses, cooking classes, skin care and mindfulness practices. We work closely with our clients to provide them with exactly what they need to to bring about a deeper level of awareness within their bodies.



Stevie Staley is a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Herbalist, Nutritional Chef, Esthetician and Movement Instructor. Stevie fuses the science of nutrition with the art of healthy eating and food creation. She believes that prevention of disease through nutrition is the most powerful option we have. Her philosophy is rooted in the understanding that everybody is unique and has a unique path to optimal health.  

At age 28 Stevie was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and later on Celiacs, which developed into a life threatening condition. Her passion for health and nutrition was inspired from her desire to heal her own health concerns. She draws not only on her education in nutrition but also on her direct experience in dealing with multiple autoimmune diseases.

Stevie specializes in working with the digestive and autoimmune system and has had success working with clients on issues regarding weight loss, high cholesterol, cancer, food allergies, depression and fatigue. In addition she she offers catered cleanses, workshops, healthy dinner parties, functional space organization, and instruction in mindfulness and movement.

No matter where you are in life Stevie can formulate a plan that works for your body. Your age, lifestyle, or nutritional awareness are not important, only a sincere desire for self transformation.