Our Team


Floery Mahoney

DVBB Founder & Trainer

Floery is the creator of the Da Vinci BodyBoard system. Trained in Pilates and aware that the core of the body is the basis of all strength, she developed the BodyBoard system to treat the body as a whole. Based in the charming desert community of Santa Fe, the flagship studio represents a new approach to fitness with a focus on wellness, strength, longevity, and full-body integrity.  


Lily Michaels

DVBB Marketing Director & Trainer

Originally from Massachusetts, Lily fell in love with the BodyBoard after relocating to Santa Fe and training with Floery. An avid skier, biker, and swimmer, Lily has found the BodyBoard to be amazingly functional training for everything she does outside. She now works to spread the word about the BodyBoard, and help inspire people everywhere to find their Da Vinci bodies.


Make your workout the best it can be. 

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Kevin A. Bowen


The co-founder of the Pilates Method Alliance, Kevin is regarded both in the United States and internationally as an advocate and authority for the Pilates industry. He has owned and operated his own Pilates Miami studio and served as the Director of Education for Peak Pilates. Currently, Kevin is the owner and director of Core Dynamics Pilates, a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program and works as a consultant and program developer for various companies in the health, fitness, and Pilates profession.


Julie Baros


Julie has worked in the fitness industry for almost 20 years as an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Counseling and Family Studies from the University of New Mexico. She has taught at gyms throughout New Mexico and is passionate about helping others reach their goals, while gaining strength and confidence. When she's not helping others "sweat it out," Julie enjoys spending time with her husband, sons, family, and friends.