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"Your Da Vinci Body From the Inside Out "


Welcome to the Da Vinci Body seasonal cleanse program designed by Shannon Plummer DOM, CMTA and holistic wellness consultant, and nutritional chef Stevie Staley. The program includes a detailed manual, daily nutritional plans (a unique blend of seasonal, anti-inflammatory, and ayurvedic practices), simple yet delicious recipes, instructions for mindful routines and rituals, tools for cravings and most importantly a loving community. Re-set your physical and emotional bodies by re-prioritizing the time spent taking care of yourself.



• This program centers around daily nutritional plans that are a blend of seasonal and anti-inflammatory eating.

• For 3 weeks we will remove common irritants while nourishing our bodies with whole foods from the recipes designed by Shannon and Stevie.

• Our detailed daily plans will be guided through 2 tiers of detox:

Week One and Two: limited animal protein diet of fish and egg & remove grains, dairy, soy, nuts, corn, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar as well as any refined foods.

Week three: Dive a little deeper and truly nourish your body giving the digestive system a break.

• Each recipe is nutritionally balanced to give you the nutrients you need during your detoxification process.

You are supported through the detox and receive daily emails from Stevie, Shannon and community.

• Our Welcome Kit includes products and tools that are incorporated into your daily plan.

• You are given techniques for handling cravings and mindful routines, and rituals will replace ones that have not been supporting your wellness goals.

• Take these three weeks to care for and nourish yourself.

Together, we will shed mental, emotional, and physical stagnant layers to reveal a more balanced, vibrant self.

Price: $325

Meets twice a week for three weeks

Optional Add-Ons

Private nutritional consultations

Facial and body detox treatments

Therapeutic massages